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Cisco ASA VPN and PSKs

Cisco ASA VPN and PSKs

If you’ve ever configured a VPN on a Cisco PIX or ASA and used pre shared keys or PSKs, you’ll know that once they’ve been entered in the the configuration they simple appear as ‘*****’.

If you ever need to make changes or duplicate the VPN configuration on another firewall, it can be a real pain in the ass unless you’ve made a note of the PSK. I recently was in such a situation and after a bit of googling I came across this little trick:

ASA# more system:/running-config

This will show you the complete running config along with the pre shared keys in plain text.

Alternatively, you can copy the running config to a tftp or ftp server. Once the config is stored on the server, all passwords and PSKs appear in plain text.

Hope you find this as useful as I did….

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