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Artemis June EFAA Shoot

Artemis June EFAA Shoot

With the EBHC fast approaching it was time for more EFAA practice and another round at the Artemis wood. I had hoped to shoot a different round this time out but it ended up being another field round. I’m not too disappointed, the field round is a good test of stamina as well as skill. The added bonus would be that I could compare the results like for like.

I’m not sure if it was a hangover from the 3Ds or I just treat it as a practice session but the day didn’t go well. Last time out on the field round I finished with a course with a score of 236. This time out I was hoping to break 250 and get an A classification. Unfortunately, the day didn’t go as planned. This time out I didn’t even break the 200 mark. Still, the field round is good practice, with a total of 112 arrows shot and the majority of distances being over 40 yards. Thankfully, the distances for the EBHC are a maximum 60 yards (in theory, anyone who went to Austria will know better) and a smaller percentage are over 40 yards.

Still, the round did highlight the areas I need to practice and with only a couple of weeks left I need to crack on.

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