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Week Six of Working From Home is Done

Week Six of Working From Home is Done

Week six is in the books and its starting to feel quite normal now. This is probably a good thing as we have at least a couple of more weeks of this at least.

Now that I have an established routine and I’m making sure I take regular breaks away from the computer at lunch as well as another couple of times during the day, I’m feeling much better and I’m starting to notice my productivity increasing.

This week has been a busy one with more going on than in previous weeks. This has helped with making the time pass more quickly and has made working from home seem more normal. It also helps me to stay focussed on the task I’m working on and I find I get less distracted.

I have been reading a lot of articles about how to adapt to working from home and picked up a few tips and tricks on how to make it less stressful. I think the one thing that has helped more than anything is to ensure I keep regular work hours and at the end of the day, walking away from the computer and leaving unfinished tasks until the next day.

I have also found that reducing the time I spend on the laptop in the evening helps to put a boundary between work and non-work time. Whenever the laptop is out, there is always the temptation to check email or read a document. If the laptop isn’t out, then the temptation isn’t there.

Other than that, nothing has changed much since we started the shelter in place strategy. My hair and beard have become a little wilder. My hair is at the point where I’m seriously considering getting out the clippers and taking it all off. My beard will be fine once its trimmed, but what’s the point when I have hair like a homeless person.

Thankfully, it is now Friday evening and the weekend is starting. Not that I can go anywhere, but at least I can relax and spend a little more time outside as the weather looks good for Saturday at least. More gardening it is then. I might even get the chance to spend some time with my camera in the garden.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this, I hope you’re all safe. Remember to stay home, save lives.

Have a good weekend.

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