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Social Distancing – Weekend Three

Social Distancing – Weekend Three

Weekend number three of self isolation due to the covid-19 outbreak and having got in to a routine with work it was time to do something to make the weekends feel like a break from work.

As the weather is starting to warm up and the rain has eased up, we finally got a couple of days of decent weather on the weekend. We hadn’t had a dry weekend where we haven’t been busy so far this year and the lawn was in need of it’s first cut and tidy up. The lawn didn’t take that long to mow, the edges on the other hand, took significantly longer.

The reason they took so long was the lack of a strimmer. I managed to break mine at the end of last year and didn’t bother replacing it. I did by a new edging tool for trimming around paving slabs whic was ok for two sides of the lawn, the other two sides needed doing by hand. By the time I’d finished removing the edges and digging out the grass that had grown in to the stone chippings by hand, I’d had enough for the day.

Those of you that know me well, will know I like to have at least one lazy day during the weekend before heading back in to the office again on Monday. This turned out to be Sunday. I did very little on Sunday, other than read a little and loung in my recliner. I figured that as we had a four day weekend coming up I’d save some jobs outside for next weekend.

I’m hoping Easter weekend will have decent weather so I can spend some time outside and get a few more jobs done in the garden. The next task will be to clear out the pond. It’s once again choked with whatever oxygenating weed is growing in there. If not, it looks like I’ll be reading some more and finding some time to finish some of the online training courses I’ve purhased over the last year.

Thanks for stopping by and as always, stay safe and stay home.

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