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Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile

In case you missed Adobe’s announcement last week, Lightroom has gone mobile. Or more specifically there is now a Lightroom app for the iPad.

I’ve been waiting for this announcement for a while. I’ve used photosmith previously, but I’ve found the sync process clunky at best, but up until now it’s been the best way available to take your workflow mobile. Adobe have changed all that with Lightroom mobile. I’ve only been using the app a short time, so this isn’t a full review but so far, the functionality and usability looks good.

Unfortunately, to use lightroom mobile you need a creative cloud subscription. That’s not as expensive as it sounds. Light room is included with the Photoshop photography plan and is available in the UK for £8.78 per month in the UK.

The mobile app makes use of the smart previous introduced with lightroom 5. Once you have the desktop app and mobile app installed, simply sign in to your creative cloud account on both devices. On the desktop app, create a collection and add the images you’d like to synchronise to the iPad to it. From the library module simply click on the icon to sync the collection. Once the sync is complete your images will be available on your iPad and on (which I only discovered today!)

Once the sync is complete, you’re ready to organize, edit and share your images directly from the iPad. Any changes you make will automatically be synchronised back to your desktop catalogue via the creative cloud.

A more details description of the setup can be found on Adobe’s website at


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