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Gallery Clearout

Gallery Clearout

As I start 2015 and try to get my photography organised, I’ve come to the conclusion I have way too many on-line galleries to upload my images to. I currently have around 8 or 9 places I upload images to, including Flickr, 500px, Behance, Nikon Image Space and a few others.

I want to get that down to 3. I’m not sure which 3 I want to keep but I need to reduce to the amount of time I spend maintaining these sites, so some of them have got to go.

The first place I upload my images to is my personal website which can be found at If it’s part of a personal project or an image I think is strong enough to be added to my personal portfolio, it goes here first.

The second place I upload my best images to is 500px. Again, only my strongest images get uploaded here, and if you’ve ever browsed through the images on 500px, you’ll know why that is.

I also have an account on Flickr but I’ve found myself using this less and less lately. I am a member of a few groups and sometimes upload my attempts at new techniques here in the hope of getting feedback to perfect them.

The last place I plan to upload my images in 2015 is my Adobe porttfolio. This is an online gallery space that you get free when you sign up for any adobe creative cloud plan. The sites aren’t particularly high traffic but they do get viewed by a lot of other creatives and the community is a useful source of ideas and inspiration.

The on-line image spaces that have slipped by the wayside this year for no particular reason are Nikon Image Space, a self-hosted Koken install, PhotoBox gallery, and Redbubble. Hopefully less galleries and sites to maintain will mean more time taking pictures.

Happy New Year

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