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Final Practice

Final Practice

The weather was particularly good yesterday and it made a nice change to the rain and wind we’ve had this week. I decided it was a good chance to get some final preparation in for the 3Ds, so I finished work early and headed down to the wood. The weather held for the rest of the day and it was a really nice evening in the wood (if you ignore all the mosquitos).

For a practice round, I decided to shoot the bottom half of the EFAA course set out in our wood. I figured this would give me a good range of distances from 10 to 80 yards. I didn’t spend too much time on the 80 yard target as I assume there won’t be any targets over 60 yards at the 3Ds and if there are any around that distance there will only be a couple.

The practice went well, although it would appear my gap distances have changed recently. My 50 and 60 yards gap have moved and I now need to shoot 45 yards at 50. Not too much of a problem as long as I remember Smile

I’m putting good groups together at all distances between 20 and 50 yards which means the consistency is coming back to my form. It has been missing for a month or so and it’s good to have it back. The only cause for concern is the closer distances, around 15 yards or less. I still seem to be a bit erratic and occasionally I get a wild arrow. I’m not sure if this is panic or just that I’m not concentrating as hard because the target is right in front of me. Hopefully there won’t be many of those at the 3Ds either.

Time to pack and plan the journey down to Devon.

Have a good one.

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