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Biorb Intelligent LED Light

Biorb Intelligent LED Light

I can never find the bloody instructions for the light on our Biorb fish tank and it’s not the most intuitive piece of equipment I’ve ever used so I thought I’d stick the instructions here so I’d always know where I can find them.


The Intelligent Light Manual & Programming Instructions

Just plug the biorb intelligent light in and it automatically simulates a natural light light in your aquarium


Quick Start – Standard Cycle
  1. Plug the din socket into a Reef One 12v AC power supply (only use Reef One power supplies), the moonlight (blue LED) will come on and the light will be in standard mode. (time elapsed 0:00)
  2. The moonlight will then stay on as the light begins to rise up to daylight (white LED’s) simulating natural sunrise. (time elapsed 1:00)
  3. After 1 hour, daylight will be at full power with no moonlight.  In this mode, daylight will stay on for a further 8 hours. (time elapsed 9:00)
  4. After 9 hours the daylight will then start to fade into moonlight, simulating a natural sunset.  This will take a further 1 hour. (time elapsed 10:00)
  5. After 10 hours the moonlight will then remain on until the cycle repeats, this happens automatically, every 24 hours unless interrupted by a power failure or user input. (time elapsed 24:00)
  6. Then the light cycle repeats


Cleaning and Care

Clean the lens of the light regularly with Reef One cleaning cloths. If scale builds up, use the Reef One Plastic Scratch Remover and polish.



TIMER FEATURE: Simply plug the unit in and a light cycle of both sun and moonlight starts automatically!
LED’S: Enjoy a much longer life so no more new bulbs or tubes to buy!
SAFER: 12v power supply, safe for you and your fish
SAVES MONEY: On your bills by using less power for the same brightness!
LESS STRESS: for your fish as the light unit gradually fades up and down, just like sunrise and sunset in the natural world!


Other things the Biorb Intelligent LED Light can do when the bubble button is held down for…

Hold – to delay 24 hour cycle
1x flash – Normal 24 hour light cycle will start from this time of day
2 x flash – Daylight is turned off for 2 hours and then resumes previous cycle (blue LED is not affected by this and will remain on).  Ideal for watching movies or when doing maintenance.  To resume earlier than 2 hours, press for two flashes.


Hold to adjust timings

3x flash – 24 hour standard cycle with 8 hours of daylight
4x flash – 24 hour  cycle with short daylight (5 hours of daylight)
5x flash – 24 hour  cycle with extended daylight (14 hours of daylight)
6x flash – 24 hour permanent daylight with no moonlight
7x flash – 24 hour permanent moonlight with 8 hours of daylight
8x flash – 24 hour daylight and moonlight
9x flash – 30 second demo cycle.  To exit, disconnect from power.


Hope someone else finds this of use.


    1. Hi Matt

      You can plug it in at any time but I suggest plugging it in 1 hour before you want the daylight to start then setting the cycle you want with the button.

      You can also hold the button for 1 flash to start the standard cycle at that time.



  1. thankyou for this page .i turned it off as it just kept flashing blue will put on when i get up tommorrow .. wasnt aware there was a bubble button …. but i love the tank 30l life

  2. No matter what I do or how many times I hold the button down and have 1 flash or 4 all mine ever does is by the end of the cycle it changes to the demo cycle where it’s moonlight for about a minute and then daylight for a minute. It’s the most infuriating thing I’ve ever bought and this is the second one I’ve bought as I thought the first one was faulty!!!! £80 both times and I could honestly smash the thing into a million bits!! Can anyone help

  3. Hi, a friend of mine gave me his Biorb Life 60 with the intelligent LED lights. I understand the cycles and flashes now thanks to this post but mine also has a brain new remote control that does not work at all with the lights.

    Any help is much appreciated. He bought the remote new as a replacement and told me I could get different colours of lights etc. Thanks in advance.

  4. Thank you so much for this info! My light had stopped working when a heavy weight was put on top of the sensor button. It wouldn’t respond to touch and I thought it to be broken. It hadn’t occurred to me to unplug the light to reset which is what I have now done and all good!. The simplest things. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  5. We have owned this tank for 2 years we must be thick has we spend hours of trying to set it up missing coronation street and nearly everything else we spend more hours watching the tank than the tv. I think the fish think were crackers.

  6. I find it infuriating that the official instructions (new MCR, with remote) are so limited. I have searched and searched the web and can’t find any good instructions for the new version.

    Biorb, you really need to do a better job on this!

    If any of you has any experience with the new version, please, please share.

  7. I just purchased the biorb 105. I cant get the light to come on. I have the switch in the on position, removed plastic from remote, checked the battery is installed correctly, held the remote in front of the aquarium. Dont know what else to do.

    Karen Marie Levy

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