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2013 Goals

2013 Goals

I’m not normally the type of person that makes new year resolutions and I guess these aren’t really resolutions but I figured I needed to make a list of things I wanted to achieve this year.


I’m going to need to recertify my CCDA this year anyway which means taking another professional level exam. I did the switching exam last time I needed to recertify so this time it’s the routing exam. I figure since this only leave the Troubleshoot exam and a CCNA that I might as well get the CCNP under my belt. The goal for this year then is to pass the CCNP-ROUTE, CCNP-TSHOOT and CCNA exams


Having attempted a 365 project on a couple of occasions in the past and watching an Episode of The Grid on Kellby TV I decided to stay away from that this year. I needed to come up with some goals that were realistic but still worthwhile. I’ve decided I want to get a decent portfolio together and try to start selling some prints online. To that end, the goal for this year is to get the website up and running with at least ten good images available to purchase.


One thing I learnt this year was my post processing skills are severely lacking. If I’m going to get any images together that are worthy of putting up for sale then my processing skills will need to improve. I’ve still not decided the best way to do this yet. I am currently considering a subscription to Kelby Training but I need to get some spare time together and give the one month trial a go.

I’m not sure if I am going to achieve all these goals but at least I have something to work towards. We’ll see how the year turns out in twelve months.

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